Facing Opposition

Considering the one-sided narrative that is much prevalent in the society ultimately pitching people against homosexuality, it is very likely that you would face the challenge of fighting the opposition.

God’s In Control

When you reach out to LGBTQ+ peers, believe that you have a more significant resource than any educational resources you may have read.


Learn about the intricacies of the controversy that lies about LGBTQ+ issues in society.

Basic Understanding

Develop an understanding and a sense of empathy about the people facing these issues and voice your opinions out loud.

Our Team

Keep The Conversation Going

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups give you a huge platform to interact with people of diverse roots. Voice your opinions there freely.

At Your School

The school works as a foundation stone for many young kids. To make it strong and inclusive enough, conversation about homosexuality being as normal as any other thing shouldn’t stop.

Your Neighborhood

Encourage free speech about homosexuality to make more and more people aware of it to ultimately normalise it.

Understanding Who You Are Reaching

You need to understand the person you are reaching out to in order
to ensure that you are compassionate enough to give them a
sense of comfort and not the opposite of it.


Listening to the strong-headed people at this event with everyone speaking out loud for equal rights to the LGBTQ+ community gave a sense of energy like no other.
Jenna Barnes
Being at this event has been an experience that I cannot wholly explain in words. It was a true delight. I loved every bit of it!
Jonathan Durrant

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